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Our Company

For over 50 years, QCCI has become the premier custom cabinet manufacturer. With decades of experience, we create some of the most beautiful homes in the world.

Our Mission

is to help create the most beautiful homes in the world

Our Core Values

  • Caring
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship
  • Commitment
  • Integrity

Our History

original workshop
The original workshop

What started as a modest two-person operation nestled in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has expanded to become one of the most well-respected custom cabinetry businesses in the nation. QCCI has designed kitchens for professional athletes and celebrities, high-profile chefs and, most frequently, for discriminating homeowners.

In 1968, Martin H. Weaver started a small kitchen manufacturing company in Brownstown, PA. This close-knit community, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, was the perfect location to produce handcrafted, custom kitchens. Generations of highly-skilled woodworkers and craftsmen in the area traced their heritage to the artisans of old-world Europe. 

Weaver’s dream was to create an honest product, built with integrity and pride. That is why he chose the straightforward name, Quality Custom Kitchens. Working in a 2,200 square foot facility with two employees, he set the goal of building one custom kitchen a day for local residents.

Today, under the parent company of QCCI, Martin H. Weaver’s dream lives on. Still family owned by his son-in-law, Glenn Good, and his son, Jerry Weaver, the cabinet shop employs more than 100 craftsmen and women. We are proud to be the top choice for some of the most prestigious designers in the nation.


Dale Leaman

Dale Leaman

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Leaman, Chief Executive Officer, began his career with QCCI in 1978. Throughout his time with the company, he has worked in many roles and seen tremendous growth and challenges. Dale has spent his career with QCCI because of the people that are here. He loves how this family-owned business values the healthy relationships with the QCCI team, the valued business partners and the many vendors we deal with regularly. “We value family. It’s fulfilling to know that the product we build is helping to create beautiful environments that family and friends will enjoy spending time together in for years.” You will often find Dale with his family and in the great outdoors.


Amanda Neese

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda Neese, Chief Financial Officer, started with QCCI in 2015. “I’m proud to be a part of QCCI as we are all striving for excellence in creating ‘the most beautiful homes in the world.’” Amanda knows that the thing that makes QCCI special is our team – everyone is hard-working and devoted. You will often find Amanda enjoying time outside and even better than that… spending time with her kids.

Jonathan Dahl

Jon Dahl

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Jon Dahl, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, began his career with QCCI in 2018. For Jon, every day is a new opportunity to see the unique designs and craftsmanship of some of the most beautiful cabinetry in the world. He sees how special QCCI is because of the amazing craftsmen and women who care about the cabinetry they are making. Family is the most important part of Jon’s life; he also enjoys a great round of golf and the winter sports of alpine skiing and snowmobiling.

Mike Mabry

Mike Mabry

Vice President of Dealer Operations

Mike Mabry, Vice President of Dealer Operations, started with QCCI in 1999. QCCI gave Mike the opportunity for a career in woodworking and has provided opportunities to grow through other areas of the company. As a part of the Leadership Team, Mike enjoys working alongside the QCCI team. These relationships, along with those of our business partners, are what drives him every day. Mike feels the team at QCCI embodies the unique culture of Lancaster County, something that cannot be replicated. In Mike’s spare time, he enjoys traveling (especially on his motorcycle) and the greatest job on the planet – being a dad.


Brian Brooks

Vice President of Manufacturing

Brian Brooks, Vice President of Manufacturing, began with QCCI in 2019. Overseeing all aspects of our production team, Brian truly appreciates the team environment that takes place. Each member of the team takes great pride in creating some of the most amazing finished products. Seeing the passion, drive and craftsmanship of each team member makes QCCI very special. While he loves his job, he also loves traveling to those warmer climates by the ocean. Even greater than that is loving life with his grandchildren.

Contact the Leadership Team – email leadership@qcci.com with any questions or comments.



We recognize and accept our part in creating a better environment for the future. Some of the many steps we have taken include:

  • Installing solar panels on the roof of our production facility.
  • Shipping – using blankets to protect cabinetry and millwork as it is being delivered, reducing extra cardboard and foam.
  • Updated LED lighting throughout our complex reducing our carbon footprint.
  • CNC optimization of raw materials to maximize yield and to minimize waste.

Partner with Us

QCCI is always looking for talented designers to partner with us in helping to create the most beautiful homes in the world!