“If through our daily work we can, in some small way, improve home life… there really is nothing more beautiful in the world.”
- Glenn Good, Owner of QCCI

about quality custom cabinetry, inc.

established in 1968
The story of Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc. is almost too good to believe. What started as a modest 2 person operation nestled in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1968 has expanded to become one of the most well respected custom cabinetry businesses in the nation, designing kitchens for professional athletes and movie stars, and collaborating with high-profile chefs.
In 1968, Martin H. Weaver started a small kitchen manufacturing company in Brownstown, PA. This small community, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch Country, was the perfect location to produce handcrafted, custom kitchens. Generations of highly-skilled woodworkers and craftsmen in the area traced their heritage to England, Germany, Holland, and France. Weaver’s dream was to create an honest product, built with integrity and pride. That is why he chose the straightforward name, Quality Custom Kitchens. Working in a 2,200 square foot facility with two employees, Weaver set a modest goal of building one custom kitchen a day for local residents. 
Today, under the name Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc. (QCCI), Martin H. Weaver’s dream lives on. Still family owned by his son-in-law, Glenn Good, and his son, Jerry Weaver, the cabinet shop employs more than 100 craftsmen and craftswomen and is the top choice for some of the most prestigious designers in the nation.

company core values

for work and life
At QCCI, we live and work with a purpose. We use these five core values as the measuring stick for our success.


We have 100+ hand-selected design partners across the country. The list of national and regional awards won by these QCCI designers grows each year. However, we believe our designers' most important talent is in guiding your vision for your home into a fully satisfying reality.