QCCI OFFERS three fully customizable CABINET collections.
Perfect for traditional and transitional design, the Steeplechase collection features all wood cabinet boxes and doors, one inch face frames, and inset doors and drawers. Steeplechase is available in paint, stain, and oil finishes.
Perfect for transitional and modern design, the Vision collection features all wood cabinet boxes and doors, frameless construction, and full-access doors. Vision is available in paint, stain, and oil finishes.
Perfect for modern design, the Saxton collection features melamine cabinet boxes and doors, frameless construction, and full-access doors. Saxton is available in satin or high gloss foil finishes.
QCCI’s finishes have a luxurious look and feel.
Paint Finishes
Paint is a beautiful and durable finish. More and more homeowners choose painted cabinetry because of its crisp style and endless color options.

Selecting a paint color for your cabinetry can be a tedious and nerve-racking experience. QCCI offers a vast amount of paint options, but if you have that perfect color in mind outside of the QCCI palette, our industry best color experts will match any sample you may have.

Additionally, there are numerous accents and effects to add extra dimension or character to your cabinetry. Click on the “Glaze” and “Distressed” tabs to learn more about our elegant finishing processes.

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Stain Finishes
Stain finishes are a classic cabinetry finish. Stain accentuates the grain of the wood, enhancing its natural beauty. The finishing experts at QCCI hand rub each stained piece to ensure an even, luxurious coat. 

QCCI offers a huge range of stain and wood specie options. In addition, we are capable of matching any examples you supply to us.

We can add further character and dimension to your stain finished cabinetry with glazes. Check out the “Glaze” tab to learn more.

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PURe™ Oil Finishes
The best of both worlds is here! QCCI is proud to exclusively offer PURe™ Oil finish, an oil finish that is as beautiful as it is environmentally friendly. PURe Oil is a plant based oil finish that is 100% VOC-free! 

PURe Oil saturates into the wood to give deep, rich color. The finish dries with a gorgeous, soft sheen, while still allowing the texture of the wood to be felt. It is water resistant and durable. Ask your designer about the PURe advantage! (Find A Designer)
Windswept Finishes
Windswept finishes are stunning. This meticulous finishing process can be done in both paint and stain. The end result is a new dimension of finishes. The grain jumps off the wood!

QCCI offers a large selection of windswept finishes at various intensities. We will not settle until your dream look is accomplished. 

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Foil & Acrylic Finishes
Saxton collection features foil finishes, a flawless and a silky-smooth finish. The foil is applied to a melamine door using an intense heat and pressure-bonding process to ensure durability.

Foil finishes are available in satin or high gloss sheens.

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Glazes are heavily pigmented, transluscent finishes used in combination with paint or stain to add dimension to your cabinetry.

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Distressing Options
Our distressing processes are finely tuned to give you precisely the look you want. Here are just a few available processes:

- Antique Sand
- Cobblestone
- Crackle
- Flecking
- Millstone
- Olde Worlde
- Paint Residue
- Weathered
QCCI is unmatched in its furniture-like construction techniques.
QCCI has an efficient, flexible production environment, meaning there’s no end to the possibilities.
We dedicate nearly a third of our production facility to the task of custom projects. If you can dream it, we will build it. Our craftsmen and craftswomen live for these types of projects.
QCCI does the small things that make a big difference.
Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of QCCI. It goes beyond the solar panels on our production facility and re-purposing waste, although one would probably agree that those are fantastic practices. At QCCI, we want to do our part to ensure that future generations get to enjoy a world just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the one we all enjoy today.

QCCI is committed to continually becoming a more sustainable manufacturer by focusing on air quality, product resource management, process resource management, and overall environmental stewardship. Our efforts have earned us certification through the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program.